fredag den 23. april 2010

Teenagers are just... nolifers

Yeah. That's really it!
I've always thought that being a teenager was extrem'ly cool, and I really wanted to be one as a kid. But.... I've just realised....
We really don't have a life.

We sit and talk, stare, buy stuff, party, get angry, become friends, fall in love, break up, being akward, listen to music, doing homework, yelling, dancing, sleeping... And yak yak yak yak yakakakakak.
That's the life of a teenager people. Or at least average.

But... we like it =)

lørdag den 3. april 2010

Ahhh holiday


Right now I'm having a holiday from school and its lasting for about one delightful week. ^^
I havent been out much, but I have done some things. I was out shopping one day, had guests, been at a friend's home, sleeping, clearing my room, checking my music-stuff (microphone and so), sleeping, sleeping and... sleeping.
I am really happy for this vacation, and I am also stunned that the sun is (finally) coming back. Yay!!!!
When it's winther, which I hate, but don't get me wrong I love the beautiful snow and hot chocolate, everybody's getting in this "suicidal-mood". Like, getting to school too late, forgetting your stuff at home, freezing, becoming sick, slippery/muddy streets, depressed people everywhere, dead animals and poor homeless people..... I don't see the point in this "winther". But I can only guess- maybe you have to be really sick and depressed to appreciate the sun later on?

Anyway, I love vacations, and may God damn those "holiday-homeworks"!!!!
I hope you are all having a nice relaxing holiday, without wearing make-up, getting up early, but just giving yourself time to think and to make all the things YOU wanna do.

- Lé Vici :) ♥