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Thank you

I'm starting to feel a sense of melancholy; that life is very beautiful and yet very horrendous at the same time. I feel like my time is limited, everyone's is, so I have to make the most out of it. I try to appreciate all the tiny things but it can be overwhelming to absorb that much information. This world is very big and confusing to wrap our mind around. I am only 18 but I feel like I am 30 years older sometimes. I sit down and imagine the past, the present and the future. 
People only see what I put on the internet, so if I sound whiny or feely, so be it. Sometimes I get a big urge to write and I do it. This is not to gain sympathy or anything, this is a way of expression and I'm doing it in english on social networks (I also adore how 'you' can mean one person or a lot of people) - I am only rings in the water made by a small stone in the entire sea of the internet, if you know what i mean. It's okay to judge me, but at least see things from more perspectives than your own. 
I want people to know me better without actually having to go find me in real life. I want you to see what I see, sometimes, because most of the time, I am the alien girl in the crowd, nervous and otherworldly - a small ball of energy.
I enjoy the great moments in life, but I also enjoy the downsides... I love the darkness, I love the failure, I love the scandals, the weird, the ugly, the crazy, the different, the fallen, the evil, the blood, the tears, the scars... because it is a reminder of humanity... but it can feel SO alone walking that path, and it is often very unhealthy. 
I thank everyone who has ever supported me, smiled at me, laughed with me, shared with me and talked with me, it's unbelievably important to me, no matter who you are, where you are from or what you do. You make things get better, you make me stand up. I wish to return the favor whenever needed. You are a reason for happiness tears. I wish you an awesome future. Thank you.

lørdag den 16. november 2013

Album reviews - Bangerz, Prism, Artpop & Britney Jean

- Album (track by track) reviews - 

Bangerz, Prism, Artpop & Britney Jean

Image: http://lojapopscene.com/produto/Miley-Cyrus-%252d-Bangerz-(Deluxe-Edition).html

Bangerz is the fourth studio album by American recording artist Miley Cyrus, released on October 4, 2013 by RCA Records. - Wikipedia

1. Adore You: 3,5/5 - it's very sugar sweet but nothing too special. it's shows her voice well. i like the piano, the drums and the high notes she makes. strange way to open such a pop/electro-ish album.

2. We Can’t Stop: 4/5 - nice fun pop track with some reggae/electro-ish influences. nothing too serious, very YOLO-y. i like the verses a lot, especially the "la da di da di" and the breakdown. i don't like the way she sings "caaaan't stop" and i don't like the (too popular) use of the deep voice singing "this our party we can do what we want..." over and over again. 

Image: http://stilbissworld.deviantart.com/art/Miley-Cyrus-23-Music-Video-Png-402824881
Check out this gif too: http://cdn1.teen.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/miley-cyrus-23-music-video-pictures-tongue.gif

3. SMS (Bangerz) feat. Britney Spears: 4/5 - at first i didn't like it, but it's infectious! it's mean, crude and sucky, but it has attitude. i love the intro, the attitude, the "du du du - du du du" sounds, miley's strange rap, miley saying "FUCKING BANGERZ!" and "where mike will at" and britney's surprisingly wonderful spacey part. 
I hate the deep voice going over and over and over again... fuck it sucks. the ending beat it annoying. this could've been a huge single if they'd played their cards right - remake the chorus, remove the deep voiced guy and make the song longer.

4. 4×4 feat. Nelly: 5/5 - i love this!! it's very fun and different. i never thought this sort of country square dance thing could be made cool and pop - but she did it. i like the "I'm a female rebel, can't you see? Riding 'round your backyard, who could it be?" part + nelly's rap is great and fun, not annoying and irrelevant like 80% of all raps on pop tracks these days. nice beat, nice rhythms - and did she just say "i piss on myself"??

5. My Darlin’ feat. Future: 3,5/5 - i really didn't like it at first, and still find it a bit annoying in the intro. the chorus is really nice and sweet and... lol, it does remind me of hannah montana lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/hannahmontana/ifwewereamovie.html
it has a retro feel and a sample to it, it's an ok song. the chorus gets stuck in my head sometimes.

6. Wrecking Ball: 4/5 - after the controversial video, everyone talked about and listened to this song. it is not very special, but i feel that it show her vulnerable voice well. i like the synths and the "don't you ever say..." parts. i think the chorus is overproduced and too loud. 

7. Love, Money, Party feat. Big Sean: 4/5 - crazy track! very original! i didn't like it at first but it grew on me. i like the "scary" production and when miley is rapping faster and faster. it has a strange composition, and it also reminds me of "23" when listening. 
i think it would have been a 5/5 if big sean wasn't on it.

8. Get it Right: 5/5 - this sounds like a damn summer hit! oh you, pharrell, first blurred lines and get lucky, now this? fun guitars and whistling, old electronic synths and catchy sexy lyrics. i really like the "You're sexy sexy... I got things I want to do to you... " and the "Would you believe, I'm dancing in the mirror, (Dancing in the mirror), I feel like I got no panties on" parts. her voice can get a bit loud and twangy, but it's still her style and it's nice and childish. the silent breakdown where she's talking sad and seductively sounds like something from 90's britney's music.

9. Drive: 3/5 - too loud and dubsteppy... it just drags on. don't like it. the intro is nice though.

10. FU feat. French Montana: 3/5 - good with the different genres on this album. this is a dubtep cabaret song. it's a good idea, but it doesn't work for me. girl can sing though.

11. Do My Thang: 4/5 - real neat track! this could sooo be a rihanna song, in my opinion. she sounds like justin bieber at times. she has a big voice, and i like the attitude and the pre-chorus parts and that she says "fuck" and "bitch" a lot. it would have been a 5/5 if the "wo oh oh i yo" sounds were changed and the rap was a bit more creative. the lyrics are really generic but the production is fun.

12. Maybe You’re Right: 3/5 - another forgetful track. i just don't like it, its too sweet and whiny.

13. Someone Else: 3/5 - naaa. no. too much club going on...  the breakdown is good but everything else is meh.

14. Rooting For My Baby: 5/5 - relaxing song. the only chill song here. beautiful. i don't think there's anything bad to say about it, other than it's a bit repetitive.

15. On My Own: 5/5 - very catchy! i could imagine it on the radio, it has many great hooks, a retro feel and uplifting lyrics. miley's voice can do many things.

16: Hands In The Air (feat Ludacris): 3/5 - omg no. it's just too generic. do my thang should replace this.

Lyrical rating: 3/5 - just nice, catchy pop lyrics.

Production rating: 3/5 - averagely pop album, not bad, not a masterpiece. miley sometimes sounds like justin bieber, sometimes like rihanna, and sometimes as miley - whatever that sound may be (???)
Visual rating: 5/5 - i really like her pretty, boyish look and the stunning videos. i love her clothes, the fonts, everything visual is on point and fresh. she looks SO HOT in 23.
Best tracks: We Can't Stop, SMS, 4x4, Wrecking Ball, Love Money Party, Get It Right, Rooting For My Baby, On My Own.
Overall rating: 3,5/5 - a pleasant surprise! i would never have listened to her if she didn't change away from the old miley. some tracks are real good, miley, but you need more than this.


Image: http://www.josepvinaixa.com/blog/katy-perry-prism-deluxe-version-itunes-japanese-bonus/

Prism (stylized as PRISM) is the fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Katy Perry, released by Capitol Records on October 18, 2013. - Wikipedia

1. Roar: 4/5 - nice, upbeat pop track. the intro is fresh and the bass line is awesome. the lyrics are very basic bitch-y and wayyy too cheesy, but it's still a good pop track. i like the chorus and the bass and the verses - i dislike the pre-chorus and the breakdown. it has a good, strong message too. - and guess what! the lyric video was much better than the actual video!!

2. Legendary Lovers: 4/5 - oh, some kind of indian intro? cool! and the rap-ish pre-chorus is pretty new - sadly, i just think the chorus could be a lot better. the lyrics are nice. 
i also think katy is making fun of or referencing christina aguilera and lady gaga while singing "I feel my lotus bloom, come closer, I want your energy, I want your aura".

3. Birthday: 5/5 - probably the best song on the album. i need this to be a single. it's not new, it's not innovative, it's not clever - but it's pure pop, with an ecstatic chorus. it makes me happy! i even made a separate space in my itunes for it.

Fanmade cover by:
4. Walking On Air: 5/5 - when i heard this song back then, i was really relieved that not all songs were like roar and dark horse. this is a true 2013 90's club anthem and i think it will be big. i like the sample, the chorus and the lyrics, but i don't like breakdown. 

5. Unconditionally: 3/5 - no... why is this a single and a video? the instrumental reminds me of catch me/save me by nicki minaj and it's just whiny and it sounds like she's screaming ANKADESHANAAAAAAA all the time. 

6. Dark Horse - Featuring Juicy J: 3/5 - at first i loved it, but after hearing it a lot + hearing a creepy remake on tumblr, i have changed my mind. i think the child like voice in the beginning and the "strings" are creepy, and katy's voice is very annoying in the pre-chorus and juicy j's rap is unnecessary. i love the airy verses and i like the odd trip hop-ish beat.

7. This Is How We Do: 4/5 - very nice! i could imagining cruising around with some friends to this song. i like the production, the sound at 0:51 and the chorus. i really don't think katy should talk in the middle of the song... please katy, don't.

8. International Smile: 4/5 - i didn't like it at first, but it grew on me. classic katy perry song, with simple pop beat and lyrics. it somehow reminds me of kylie minogue's light years song (because of the airplane reference) + daft punk's digital love (because of the robotic guitar solo). just a nice simple pop track.

Image: http://www.justjared.com/2013/11/15/katy-perry-set-to-open-american-music-awards/

9. Ghost: 3/5 - the intro is nice. the rest is very bland, you probably won't remember it.

10. Love Me: 3,5/5 - better than ghost! the chorus is cute - but still not that good, katy! 

11. This Moment: 3/5 - reminds me of her one of the boys album. the verses are okay, but again, here comes the sentimental chorus.....

12. Double Rainbow: 2,5/5 - i actually thought it was the double rainbow remix by schmoyoho and i smiled - but this is just too fucking boring and sugary.

13. By The Grace Of God: 3,5/5 - an alright autobiographical song, with an okay rhythm and chorus - but again, too much god on this album.

14. Spiritual: 5/5 - i really like dig song! it's very light and spacey, and the verses/lyrics are stunning. everything is on point here, good job, katy. it reminds me of 90's music, and a bit of massive attack (mezzanine album), alanis morisette and madonna (ray of light album) somehow.

15. It Takes Two: 4/5 - another well crafted track. the verses are a bit basic, but i LOVE the chorus and it has a nice message. her voice is angelic in it, but it gets a bit annoying in the end of the chorus though.

16. Choose Your Battles: 3/5 - the intro sounds like something from "who wants to be a millionaire"??? it has a strange beat and scratchy synth in it... i don't quite know what to think of it. but yet again, it has a big, sentimental mediocre chorus like many other songs of the album. the production is interesting though. the ending is annoying.

Lyrical rating: 3/5 - it has its moments, but I'm not impressed. first half of the album is fresh pop, and the other half seems to be songs about god and faith.
Production rating: 4/5 - it's good, and has interesting small sounds and instruments put in between pop tracks. it sometimes mixes a bit of rock, indian, dance and trip hop together with pop.
Visual rating: 2,8/5 - the cover is a bit weak, the video for roar is childish and i don't like her style recently.
Best tracks: Roar, Legendary Lovers, Birthday, Walking On Air, This Is How We Do, International Smile, Spiritual, It Takes Two.
Overall rating: 3,8/5 - only because it has too many "bland god tracks".


Image: http://www.csnowheaties.com/2013/11/03/lady-gaga-artpop-album-stream/

Artpop (stylized as ARTPOP) is the third studio album by American recording artist Lady Gaga. It was released on November 6, 2013 in Japan, in Austria, Finland, New Zealand, and Australia on November 8, 2013, and released worldwide on November 11, 2013, by Streamline and Interscope Records. - Wikipedia

1. Aura: 3,5/5 - very interesting song to open with - it has a filtered voice and a banjo + tough futuristic  electrobeat with gaga's strange accent and sexy lyrics layered over. i like the effects at 2:33.
i dislike the stereotypical beat going faster and faster and faster, i think the chorus is too quiet  (although it is very pretty and delicate) and i don't like the "dance - sex - art pop" breakdown. 

2. Venus: 3,5/5 - there was a time where i played it on repeat all day, but now not so much. it has a good kind of structure and the performance was awesome.

the intro is spacey and the lyrics remind me of electronic mixed with david bowie mixed with art and greek gods. i love the verses and the chorus - i don't like the pre-chorus and the breakdown - don't fucking sing about "ur anus" and your ass in a cool song.
i adore the part at 3:34 where the word love and goddess of love seem to go on forever. 

Lady Gaga as Venus
Image: http://misterscandal.com/?tag=artpop
3. G.U.Y. (Girl Under You): 4,5/5 - awesome song, with a fresh electrobeat and clever mythical references. i think it has really big hit potential. 
the song opens up with "Greetings Himeros, God of sexual desire, son of Aphrodite, Lay back and feast as this audio guides you, Through new and exciting positions" and a opera-ish vocal synth effect - which is pretty fucking neat. 
The verses are alright, but the pre chorus is MAGNIFICENT with the "Touch me, Touch me, Don't be sweet, Love me, love me, please retweet, Let me be the girl under you that makes you cry" even though it makes no fucking sense at all. 
The breakdown "Touch me touch me, don't be shy, I'm in charge like a G.U.Y, I'll lay down face up this time, Under you like a G.U.Y" is brilliant. bad things about GUY: i don't like the electrobass at 1:08 and 2:09 and i don't like the ending where she screams in german (???) or something.

4. Sexxx Dreams: 4/5 - cool beat. nasty lyrics. didn't expect this style from gaga! kinda slow, dreamy and electronica. it's a bit overproduced, i'd love to hear a more stripped down version of it. 
2:52 is so cute - awwww gaga, you can tell us anything, anytime. lana del rey should sing this, btw.

5. Jewels & Drugs (featuring T.I., Too $hort & Twista) [Explicit]: 2,5/5 - WTF IS THIS??? how did this? what. 

i would be expecting to see this on Bangerz, but not on Artpop. it's a strange track, i don't really feel it... i don't get it. the part at 2:15 is AWESOME!!! twist is fucking fast btw. 

6. MANiCURE: 5/5 - omg. her accent in "loosen your hips and get a dress to wear". i would totally go dancing with gaga. perfect pop hit, glorious chorus, reminds me of japan because the line "salon's enough for her" sounds japanese to me. also, nice pun with MANICURE and MAN CURED, gaga. 

7. Do What You Want (featuring R. Kelly) [Explicit]: 5/5 - wow, listen to those heavy daft punk-ish beats and synths. it's chill and sensual. gaga is a bit like christina aguilera on this track, and r kelly is ON POINT. see, this is a great example of a successful pop/r'n'b duet. love it.

8. ARTPOP: 5/5 - this is a fantastic song, it mean a lot to me. it is both happy and sad at the same time. the lyrics are the most beautiful on this album... "
A hybrid can withstand these things, My heart can beat with bricks and strings, My ARTPOP could mean anything" and "Come to me, With all your sub-text and fantasy, Just do that thing that you do, For my love is you" and "Brushes of darkness won't help you create your destiny of super, ARTPOP could mean anything... anything! I tried to sell myself but I am really laughing, Because I just love the music, not the bling, Music, not the bling" = some of the best lyrics i have heard in many years. i love how "out of the world" the song is, and that you can interpret is as you wish.

9. Swine: 2,5/5 - dubstep?? a swine??? gaga what is UP with you. this is catchy at many points, but it is more annoying noise than dance track. i like the verses and chorus, but the song just frustrates me a bit. points for the originality tho!

10. Donatella: 5/5 - one of the BEST tracks on this album. it mixes gaga's The Fame album theme with Born This Way's electro edge and The Fame Monster's fashion sense. the intro is funny and tacky, the lyrics are fab, the pre-chorus and chorus are HUGE and annoyingly catchy but the after chorus is a tiny bit Eurovision-ish. I sincerely hope Versace uses this (or Fashion, Fashion!, Black Jesus or The Fame or...) for a runway show!!

11. Fashion!: 4/5 - the piano is SO BEAUTIFUL *crying*, i can't deal with this. it's such a fabulous song, i love the beat and the bowie like way of singing - i just really think the ruined the song with too much electro in the after-chorus (and even a bit in the actual chorus) and from 3:04 the song just fucking sucks. i need to edit it in garageband some day because i just can't listen to that part.

12. Mary Jane Holland: 4/5 - i hated this at first but now i'm loving it!! it's a haute couture, japanese, weed, dubstep MONSTER track. i like the verses, fx; "
Lady of the ‘dam
Won’t be a slave to the blonde, or the culture of the popular, She won’t, she won't, Sing at you I'll, Fly under radar tonight, Make deals with every devil in sight, I will, I will"My fav part of the song is the "Cause I love, love, cause I love, love - You better than, you better than - My darkest sin - Russian hookers, and cheap gin" part :)
i wanna remove the cheesy 2:45 part and make a fashion show based around this track!

13. Dope: 3/5 - gaga sings in a deeep voice?? she keeps surprising me. i like the first version of this song better than Dope. i'm just not feeling it, i don't like her voice in this, and i don't feel sentimental. but girl can sing and write songs, we know that. the single cover is the best thing EVER - i could stare at it for days. it reminds me of death and gorillaz, and its awesome.

Image: http://ladygaga.wikia.com/wiki/Dope_(song)
14. Gypsy: 3/5 - is this Fashion of His Love 2.0 ?? certainly sounds like this. it has catchy parts, but gaga, this is NOT eurovision!! get off the glittery firework stage, you can do better.

15. Applause: 3,5/5 - why did she promote ARTPOP with this? it's very generic and EDM-ish, she could've chosen much better. the intro could've been made in garageband with a shitty keyboard. it's a david bowie/just dance-ish song. i like the breakdown, but it's pretty bland, i don't clap for it, sorry, Applesauce.

Lyrical rating: 4/5 - has interesting "goddess" lyrics with unusual themes and sometimes puns. venus, jewels and drugs, dope, gypsy and applause bring the lyrical level a bit down.
Production rating: 3/5 - has great euphoric moments with amazing production but it also has some very obnoxious moments and is too electro to be "shocking and new" or even the album of the millennium as gaga herself put it.
Visual rating: 4/5 - i LOVE the cover. some of her outfits are amazing and some are horrendous. i don't like the applause video that much. i love the applause and dope single covers. but why is she sometimes covered in dirt, flour, or plastic foil?? why is she naked all the time? + she gets points for her majestic ass.
Best tracks: G.U.Y, Sexxx Dreams, Manicure, Do What U Want, Artpop, Donatella, Fashion!, Mary Jane Holland.
Overall rating: 3,9/5 - strange, creative, different album. it's good. it has brought much more interesting lyrics and themes than the above mentioned pop albums.


Image: http://s796.photobucket.com/user/celebritybug/media/Pop%20Stars/Britney-Jean.jpg.html
Britney Jean is the upcoming eighth studio album by American recording artist Britney Spears. It is scheduled to be released on November 29, 2013, by RCA Records. - Wikipedia

1. Alien: 3,6/5 - best song of all the three first we heard.
2. Work Bitch: 2,7/5 - not good. i like the guvunah part, the breakdown part and the flawless video.
3. Perfume: 3/5 - average whiny song to me.
4. It Should Be Easy feat. will.i.am: - 3,1/5 - typical will.i.am.
5. Tik Tik Boom feat. T.I.: 5/5 - when will this be a single??
6. Body Ache: 5/5 - One of my fav tracks on here! I love the attitude and the beat.
7. Til It's Gone: 3/5 - A bit mediocre.
8. Passenger: 4/5 - the only thing weird in this song is her voice! i really dig the twinkly intro and the EPIC breakdown vocals. 
9. Chillin' With You feat. Jamie Lynn: 2,5/5: iii don't like the lyrics. surprising to hear britney's sister on it tho!! 
10. Don't Cry:
11. Brightest Morning Star:
12. Hold on Tight:
13. Now That I Found You:
14. Perfume (The Dreaming Mix):
Lyrical rating:
Production rating:
Visual rating:
Best tracks:
Overall rating:


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Shifty, Nifty November

Shifty, Nifty November

Image: http://bdl-teenzone.blogspot.dk/2011_11_01_archive.html
♪♫ Listening to: Donatella by Lady Gaga, Tennis Court by Lorde, Do What U Want by Lady Gaga, 4x4 by Miley Cyrus, The Hook Up by Britney Spears, Birthday by Katy Perry, Soup For One by Chic, Another Dawn (feat. Irfane) by Breakbot, It Takes Two by Katy Perry ♫♪

What's up everyone!
Ugh I have been gone for a million years it seems, but I'm here now. (*break the ice begins playing… nah just kidding*)

I'm gonna tell you about the past weeks (since I keep a sort of retarded schedule) and some current affairs in the country. I'm not gonna write in proper english because i do that all the time in school, so here i get to relax because it is my blog and i do whatta want. i hope you can understand my words, so, here it begins:

The Fire Alarm
Friday the 11th october the fire alarm went off, and everyone were extremely happy and went outside. I think it went off during the psychology class, and some group were "saved by the bell" literally when some kid ran into the room and said "it's a fuurrr aint nobody got time 4 daat" (or something like that).

Image: http://www.uberreview.com/2006/07/fire-bell-alarm-clock.htm

The Flu
In the small "autumn holiday week" (i have no idea what it's called in english but we also call it "potato holidays" cuz children were supposed to help their old peeps pick potatoes during this week. now it's used for sleeping all day, staying awake all night, traveling, going to parties and/or watching porn.)
I got the fucking flu (along with everyone in my family except my dad, he never gets sick????), therefore I couldn't return my danish assignment which i had fought with my teacher about for some days. I ended up returning it, and getting a fucking A (12) so I was like "yeaaah bitch we diagree a lot but i still nailed it so suck it, school system". I later went to the doc with my bigbro and I got healthy… you guessed it, just in time for school :(

Image: http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/cellular-microscopic/flu.htm + my writings

Breaking Bad
I started watching "breaking bad" with my family around october in 2012 i think, and we really enjoy it, it's really dramatic and fun and sad and different and brings a lot of feels. We've reached (the final) season 5 episode 8, and we're currently waiting on the rest to get up on the netflix - in the meantime we're starting to watch some "house of cards".
Enjoy this picture Rihanna posted on instagram of tha actors with fake tats:

Image: instagram.com/badgalriri

Peanuts and Harddiscs
I have eaten so many peanuts and looked through a lot of hard discs.
The hard discs are the biggest mess with a million files cluttered into each other.
I accidentally stepped on the peanut bowls and my whole floor was covered in peanut shells.
Fuck no, I said, and cleaned it up two weeks later.

Image: http://lookimadethat.com/2010/06/06/boiledpeanuts/

Worst Day Ever
Monday the 21st october was one of the worst days of this year for me.

Reasons why:
1) I woke up late and looked like shit and came in too late. i was very angry and sad from the minute i woke up.
2) I had huge skin problems and had a bandaid in my face and a weird scandinavian hat on which i like but everyone else laughs at.
3) I had my gym. bag with me with clothes and shoes but it was cancelled.
4) I was wearing rubber boots. they were short and white and so fugly.
5) we were going to the forest and i was a complete idiot because everyone took the bus/their cars and i was the only one, left to my own devices. i was in deep panic.
6) it was raining and we were walking around picking mushrooms
7) after everything, my "classic studies" group and i went back to edit a video. this was THE ONLY reason i went to school that day.

This is how I felt:

New Music
I listened to Bangerz by Miley Cyrus. I was much better than excepted, but with many shit moments. I love parts of SMS, 4x4, #getitright, lovemoneyparty, rooting for my baby, do my thang and on my own.

I listened to Pure Heroine by Lorde. I was very dull, but talented for a 16-year old. I adore Tennis Court more than Royals. tennis court is my jaaam.

I listened to Prism by Katy Perry. first half is pop and second half is songs about god. birthday better be a fucking single because that shit is so happy.

I am listening to Artpop by Gaga, and I am waiting for Britney Jean by Britney.
Artpop has awesome moments, but as an album it's kinda weak. I love Donatella, do what u want, ARTPOP, manicure, mary jane holland. I like parts of G.U.Y. and Fashion!.

Image: https://www.facebook.com/ARTPOPTHEALBUM
Britney's work bitch: no. it's on the same level as scream and shout, perhaps even with less melody.
Britney's perfume: good that it's less EDM, but still no.
Britney's passenger: nice intro. better than the other ones, but still very forgettable. give me sexy, cool, crazy britney back!!

Assignments and Prom
Again, I have no idea why people say that "2.g" is easier than "3.g".
I think the last year is the hardest, because it's COUNTING for something, it's a HIGHER level and it's MORE assignments for us.
It has been a nifty november because I have gotten B's and A's in pretty much all things and I'm very proud of it, I wanna do my best even though the university I wanna get in to doesn't require any grades.

Galla (prom) is coming up (well in about 6 months) and I have neither a dress or a partner.
I want a fine ass dress (for my pear shaped body) because i have huuuge hips and no tits and a tiny waist - how am i gonna work that?!
I also want a partner, but everyone I've asked is already taken (???) and I don't think people want to go with me because I am the biggest loner and weirdo of the school. Well, yea, I usually am, but i can be good company too :)

Class Picture Through The Years <3 b="">
(of course, the last one is not how we look everyday)

Basic Stuff

We tried on student caps

I bought gum

I hit myself while buying gum

I got these earrings

Working on umbrella things

I love omelets

an OEG gør en forskel sign

I want more grey hoodies!1!

I love these aliens from tumblr

"Vild med ALLAN"

Yahya Hassan is the present time nietzsche!

Gaga's ass is phenomenal

My mom is the best cook

Obama is a G

+ Nile Rodgers was on Reddit!! http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1q8u0f/i_am_nile_rodgers_producer_guitarist_for_chic/?limit=500

+ I'm dying because of my SRP - why did i chose biology and english?? ffs

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