søndag den 22. september 2013

Respect - given or earned?

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Good afternoon!
I started writing on this at school, where we were talking about branding in our AT8 project. We jumped around many irrelevant nice topics. I discussed religion, and then respect with one guy, and we agreed on respect being a two way street. I  thought I would write a short post about it and what I think about it.

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Since forever, I have been called "the black sheep" in my family, or sometimes "the bitch", because I had different views than them and I was open to other people and their choices. I have libertarian views, which oppose my Polish family's views of "I should go to church and be a christian because they said so", "parents are always right", "you should wear this clothing and act this way because you are this gender" and traditional stuff like that. Many times I have been the cause of been in huge arguments because I wanted justice, I wanted equality, and apparently that's not how anyone was raised back in ol' Poland.
I understand the "respect your parents" and "respect your elders" way of thinking, but I do disagree. I do not believe in "good" or "bad" people, and I feel that it's logical to judge people not on their age or their title, but on their actions and motives. Also, remember the saying "Man skal ikke kaste med stennår man selv bor i et glashus" which means, don't be hypocritical, treat others as if you'd like to be treated.
Just because you're old does not give you right to walk all over others. I respect if someone has accomplished a lot of fought in a war etc, but I act on what you do now, in front of everyone. And parents should not be respected if they act like horrible monsters towards you; fx children who have been molested, beaten up severely and locked in a basement for 10+ years. It is just so hypocritical to say that you should respect them and then they don't fucking respect you back. And if they have some sort of medical/mental issues, they should explain that beforehand so that people don't judge them too harshly. So I think the phrases "respect your elderly" and "respect your parents" are bullshit.
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I have also had the discussion with my bigbro several times about respect. I always said that "respect is given" but he always says "respect is earned". I can see that. I can feel it from both perspectives.
Is it respect to leave people alone in public? Or is it common behavior? Is is respect to obey someone? Is is respect to praise someone? What is respect? Do we take it for granted?
I myself feel that I respect everyone until otherwise proven that I shouldn't. And then it's not like I will hit them in the face, most times (after a possible big argument with them) I will just stop associating myself with them and leave them alone (and hope they leave me alone, too). What do you think? This discussion can go on and on with people and I would like to hear your opinion :)

Bye for now, see u next time :)
– Lé Vici 

I shouldn't respect you/give you "extra respect" if you don't respect me. 
Don't put up with shit from people if they don't treat you appropriately. Remember that, motherfuckers! 

fredag den 13. september 2013

Political issues, yo

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Hi everybody! ("i'm doctor nick...")

I'm back yet again. We started the school week with gymnastics, and we went running up and down metallic stairs next to our high school. Some people twisted their ankles, and some even tasted blood. Fuck, I'm starting to believe that our teacher is a small Duracell bunny, she may even run in her sleep.
We've also had a lot of biology and... umm.. "classic studies" and it's ok. Many of us believe that classics should be a sub category to history or social science or even religion.

We made some brain stuff in psychology.

Tuesday we got our picture taken and I came in very late because I did my makeup real quick in the school bathroom. Silly me, can never get up on time. Our "silly pic" is my class being fatties with pillows for stomachs + pizza, chips, cola and so on.
I would like to look like this:

But I'm probably gonna end up like this:

Wednesday I was with Rebecca out to hear a presentation about the bloody drug war and Mexico/USA conflict by Ebbe Fischer. MOS, our spanish teacher, suggested it, and it was nice :) 

All instagram images are from my personal instagram.

You can hear/download the full presentation and discussion here for free:

Anyway, this post will be about government and politics. As you can see in the picture above, "Welcome to the Internet" posted this political comic on Facebook. It's a cow about to be slaughtered, it doesn't matter if it goes to the left or to the right; it's the same deal. I can sorta feel this. 
But the comment "Just go fucking backwards" interested me; what did he mean by that? There are many forms of going back, and I don't think going back to the patriarchy/racist/old fashioned times would work. I do see the thing with going back to times when people weren't under such a huge government; that is just my point of view, I'm not 100% sure what political ideology I follow because I feel that each party probably has its ups and downs, but for now I feel kinda "libertarian/anarco capitalist/a bit conservative" ish. 

I think there are many blurred lines (*i know you want it*) in subjects such as politics, but I do believe in legalization of drugs (I think it's bad for your body to take them tho), smaller state, free market, the right to abortion, green energy and marriage equality. 
I don't believe violent games/films/music causes violent people. I'm against circumcision because the individual is not old enough to know what's going on - I've even debated in my head if it's ok to baptize children and take them to church at a young age. I'm against religion, but I don't mind what people believe in. I think that people with really severe handicap/illnesses shouldn't reproduce, for themselves, the child's and the society's sake (but of course, no forcing! it's up to themselves). 
I'm also ok with nuclear power, as long as it's done right (it's better than fossil fuel IMO). I'm against treating people inferior because of their gender, looks, race, religion, status, job etc - I respect people based on how they act, not on some non relevant factors. I'm not sure about death penalty; but if I am, it has to be a really serious crime and it has to be 100% factual that the person did it.

I'm actually not sure how I feel about democracy - I know that it's better than dictatorship etc. but I'm not sure if it's the best choice to put power in something just because the majority says/thinks something about it. 
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I believe that people should be able decide for themselves, and do whatever they want as long as it doesn't harm/hurt others. I like to discuss political and ethical issues with people if they want to; hell, very few of my friends think the same as I do. I think it's boring to surround yourself only with people that you have something in common with, you don't get to challenge yourself and them. Life isn't always a circle jerk.

What do you think about politics? What do you think about government? What countries do you think are doing it right? :)

Image: http://www.feelingeurope.eu/Pages/ideologies.html

Here are my results of the political party test: http://www.politicalcompass.org/test

That was all I had to say for now! Have a nice weekend, see you soon.
P.S., today I chose my SRP subjects (english and biology!) holy shit! i'm hella nervous!

– Lé Vici 

lørdag den 7. september 2013

Cozy Saturday Blog

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Whaddup errybody! Seems like I only get to write to y'all at the weekends, right? Yeah because school is back, and has been for many weeks now. That means no more living in the night, getting up at 2 PM, eating snacks all the time, watching cartoons (south park 4ev) and so on. That means being tired as fuck, writing assignments which bore you to death, learning bullshit and dealing with people you cant stand. Or actually, you cant stand being with people because it... wears you out, mentally. 

Anyway, this is saturday! SO IT'S PARTY TIME Nah, it's me time, I do what I want. It's a cozy day :)
Parents are doing some re-modelling at home, bigbro is chilling and me, I am taking a break from my danish assignment which is a feature story. I don't like that. I like essays better, because... well, you're reading my blog. That's an answer in itself. (means I have a load of crap in my mind)
I woke up at 9:30 I think and ate salmon for breakfast. I watched some Amazing Atheist vids because I like the responses he makes. I'm also surprised he (TJ) has like 80-90% males watching and so little females. ( here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVd7O7eamFU )

And I have to watch Sin Nombre as spanish group work, write an english assignment on some shit, a biology assignment on chlamydia etc. Monday we're having gymnastics (as of which I GOT SICK last time and it's not worth it) and if it rains, imma be out, nope, i'm not gonna do that again. I loathe gymnastics, it's so humiliating and hard to do and gross.

Tuesday we're gonna have our 3.l class picture taken! :) And we're thinking about dressing up :p

I also wanna watch the new Breaking Bad episodes + maybe get into Dexter, White Collar, Psych etc. Our TV is broken so I'll wait till we buy a new one. So many choices! And I also haven't found headphones that I loooove - I want something light, not too expensive, a little pretty, a little noisecancelling (but not too much since I'm riding bikes all da time no wanna get runovah)... I think I could buy these Sennheiser PX 200 ii or somethin'
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Here are some pics I took because I felt like it:

Painted my nails purple yesterday, ya dig? And I dyed my brows - am I Cara Delevinge yet?! ;)

Dad gave me these sort of things to drink of, I think they're bloody stupid, yet good for the environment

Look! I'm straightening my hair! I have honestly never done that until 2013... And hey, also, my natural haircolour is coming back

Do I look nice without my bangs? I had bangs for 17 years and decided that I wanted to see what I look like without them (or it?) It was very high maintenance :(

+ Made this bracelet like a month ago (pearls from Tiger, a fancy boutique and second hand shops, wax tread from Poland umm like 60 cents for 2 meters in think) 
and guess what! six of the pearls  glow in the dark ^_^ 

Enjoy your weekend, I look forward to writing more elaborate blogs in the future. And about shit that matters. Bye <3 br=""> – Lé Vici