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Cozy Saturday Blog

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Listening to: Puppets by Depeche Mode, The Next Day by David Bowie and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Whaddup errybody! Seems like I only get to write to y'all at the weekends, right? Yeah because school is back, and has been for many weeks now. That means no more living in the night, getting up at 2 PM, eating snacks all the time, watching cartoons (south park 4ev) and so on. That means being tired as fuck, writing assignments which bore you to death, learning bullshit and dealing with people you cant stand. Or actually, you cant stand being with people because it... wears you out, mentally. 

Anyway, this is saturday! SO IT'S PARTY TIME Nah, it's me time, I do what I want. It's a cozy day :)
Parents are doing some re-modelling at home, bigbro is chilling and me, I am taking a break from my danish assignment which is a feature story. I don't like that. I like essays better, because... well, you're reading my blog. That's an answer in itself. (means I have a load of crap in my mind)
I woke up at 9:30 I think and ate salmon for breakfast. I watched some Amazing Atheist vids because I like the responses he makes. I'm also surprised he (TJ) has like 80-90% males watching and so little females. ( here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVd7O7eamFU )

And I have to watch Sin Nombre as spanish group work, write an english assignment on some shit, a biology assignment on chlamydia etc. Monday we're having gymnastics (as of which I GOT SICK last time and it's not worth it) and if it rains, imma be out, nope, i'm not gonna do that again. I loathe gymnastics, it's so humiliating and hard to do and gross.

Tuesday we're gonna have our 3.l class picture taken! :) And we're thinking about dressing up :p

I also wanna watch the new Breaking Bad episodes + maybe get into Dexter, White Collar, Psych etc. Our TV is broken so I'll wait till we buy a new one. So many choices! And I also haven't found headphones that I loooove - I want something light, not too expensive, a little pretty, a little noisecancelling (but not too much since I'm riding bikes all da time no wanna get runovah)... I think I could buy these Sennheiser PX 200 ii or somethin'
Image: http://koptelefoonkopenreview.nl/product/sennheiser-px200-ii-review/

Here are some pics I took because I felt like it:

Painted my nails purple yesterday, ya dig? And I dyed my brows - am I Cara Delevinge yet?! ;)

Dad gave me these sort of things to drink of, I think they're bloody stupid, yet good for the environment

Look! I'm straightening my hair! I have honestly never done that until 2013... And hey, also, my natural haircolour is coming back

Do I look nice without my bangs? I had bangs for 17 years and decided that I wanted to see what I look like without them (or it?) It was very high maintenance :(

+ Made this bracelet like a month ago (pearls from Tiger, a fancy boutique and second hand shops, wax tread from Poland umm like 60 cents for 2 meters in think) 
and guess what! six of the pearls  glow in the dark ^_^ 

Enjoy your weekend, I look forward to writing more elaborate blogs in the future. And about shit that matters. Bye <3 br=""> – Lé Vici 

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