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Shifty, Nifty November

Shifty, Nifty November

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♪♫ Listening to: Donatella by Lady Gaga, Tennis Court by Lorde, Do What U Want by Lady Gaga, 4x4 by Miley Cyrus, The Hook Up by Britney Spears, Birthday by Katy Perry, Soup For One by Chic, Another Dawn (feat. Irfane) by Breakbot, It Takes Two by Katy Perry ♫♪

What's up everyone!
Ugh I have been gone for a million years it seems, but I'm here now. (*break the ice begins playing… nah just kidding*)

I'm gonna tell you about the past weeks (since I keep a sort of retarded schedule) and some current affairs in the country. I'm not gonna write in proper english because i do that all the time in school, so here i get to relax because it is my blog and i do whatta want. i hope you can understand my words, so, here it begins:

The Fire Alarm
Friday the 11th october the fire alarm went off, and everyone were extremely happy and went outside. I think it went off during the psychology class, and some group were "saved by the bell" literally when some kid ran into the room and said "it's a fuurrr aint nobody got time 4 daat" (or something like that).

Image: http://www.uberreview.com/2006/07/fire-bell-alarm-clock.htm

The Flu
In the small "autumn holiday week" (i have no idea what it's called in english but we also call it "potato holidays" cuz children were supposed to help their old peeps pick potatoes during this week. now it's used for sleeping all day, staying awake all night, traveling, going to parties and/or watching porn.)
I got the fucking flu (along with everyone in my family except my dad, he never gets sick????), therefore I couldn't return my danish assignment which i had fought with my teacher about for some days. I ended up returning it, and getting a fucking A (12) so I was like "yeaaah bitch we diagree a lot but i still nailed it so suck it, school system". I later went to the doc with my bigbro and I got healthy… you guessed it, just in time for school :(

Image: http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/cellular-microscopic/flu.htm + my writings

Breaking Bad
I started watching "breaking bad" with my family around october in 2012 i think, and we really enjoy it, it's really dramatic and fun and sad and different and brings a lot of feels. We've reached (the final) season 5 episode 8, and we're currently waiting on the rest to get up on the netflix - in the meantime we're starting to watch some "house of cards".
Enjoy this picture Rihanna posted on instagram of tha actors with fake tats:

Image: instagram.com/badgalriri

Peanuts and Harddiscs
I have eaten so many peanuts and looked through a lot of hard discs.
The hard discs are the biggest mess with a million files cluttered into each other.
I accidentally stepped on the peanut bowls and my whole floor was covered in peanut shells.
Fuck no, I said, and cleaned it up two weeks later.

Image: http://lookimadethat.com/2010/06/06/boiledpeanuts/

Worst Day Ever
Monday the 21st october was one of the worst days of this year for me.

Reasons why:
1) I woke up late and looked like shit and came in too late. i was very angry and sad from the minute i woke up.
2) I had huge skin problems and had a bandaid in my face and a weird scandinavian hat on which i like but everyone else laughs at.
3) I had my gym. bag with me with clothes and shoes but it was cancelled.
4) I was wearing rubber boots. they were short and white and so fugly.
5) we were going to the forest and i was a complete idiot because everyone took the bus/their cars and i was the only one, left to my own devices. i was in deep panic.
6) it was raining and we were walking around picking mushrooms
7) after everything, my "classic studies" group and i went back to edit a video. this was THE ONLY reason i went to school that day.

This is how I felt:

New Music
I listened to Bangerz by Miley Cyrus. I was much better than excepted, but with many shit moments. I love parts of SMS, 4x4, #getitright, lovemoneyparty, rooting for my baby, do my thang and on my own.

I listened to Pure Heroine by Lorde. I was very dull, but talented for a 16-year old. I adore Tennis Court more than Royals. tennis court is my jaaam.

I listened to Prism by Katy Perry. first half is pop and second half is songs about god. birthday better be a fucking single because that shit is so happy.

I am listening to Artpop by Gaga, and I am waiting for Britney Jean by Britney.
Artpop has awesome moments, but as an album it's kinda weak. I love Donatella, do what u want, ARTPOP, manicure, mary jane holland. I like parts of G.U.Y. and Fashion!.

Image: https://www.facebook.com/ARTPOPTHEALBUM
Britney's work bitch: no. it's on the same level as scream and shout, perhaps even with less melody.
Britney's perfume: good that it's less EDM, but still no.
Britney's passenger: nice intro. better than the other ones, but still very forgettable. give me sexy, cool, crazy britney back!!

Assignments and Prom
Again, I have no idea why people say that "2.g" is easier than "3.g".
I think the last year is the hardest, because it's COUNTING for something, it's a HIGHER level and it's MORE assignments for us.
It has been a nifty november because I have gotten B's and A's in pretty much all things and I'm very proud of it, I wanna do my best even though the university I wanna get in to doesn't require any grades.

Galla (prom) is coming up (well in about 6 months) and I have neither a dress or a partner.
I want a fine ass dress (for my pear shaped body) because i have huuuge hips and no tits and a tiny waist - how am i gonna work that?!
I also want a partner, but everyone I've asked is already taken (???) and I don't think people want to go with me because I am the biggest loner and weirdo of the school. Well, yea, I usually am, but i can be good company too :)

Class Picture Through The Years <3 b="">
(of course, the last one is not how we look everyday)

Basic Stuff

We tried on student caps

I bought gum

I hit myself while buying gum

I got these earrings

Working on umbrella things

I love omelets

an OEG gør en forskel sign

I want more grey hoodies!1!

I love these aliens from tumblr

"Vild med ALLAN"

Yahya Hassan is the present time nietzsche!

Gaga's ass is phenomenal

My mom is the best cook

Obama is a G

+ Nile Rodgers was on Reddit!! http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1q8u0f/i_am_nile_rodgers_producer_guitarist_for_chic/?limit=500

+ I'm dying because of my SRP - why did i chose biology and english?? ffs

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!
– veni vidi vici 

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