onsdag den 3. februar 2010


I looked at my dollar from America a couple of days ago and stared at that "pyramid" again. I convinced myself 2 search for it, just for fun, and then I found a lot of stuff about this strange, secret society called ILLUMINATI.
People say different things and post lots of videoes on youtube about this.
They say that Obama is Illuminati.
They say that Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and Lady GaGa are slaves of Illuminati and that they are given money and fame, for their soul.
They say that they have subliminal messages in movies, commercials and music.
They say that Illuminati killed Michael Jackson.
They say that Illuminati wants to kill 90% of all the people on this Earth.
They say that Illuminati hates black people and muslims.
They say that Illuminati has many presidents in their power league.
They say that Illuminati is a group of clever people, who watch EVERYTHING we do.
They say that Illuminati still exist, and that they want 2 take over the world.
They say that Illuminati are planning to make a "New World Order"....

Are they rumors, or are they true?
Or partly true?
And why would "fakers" use time to make such a complicated website?
And why is the sign still on the dollar?

I'm scared. I told my class about this, and we searched for websites about this....
Take a look at these sites:

Me and my friends stayed after school just to look closer at this. It freaked us out!
The site illuminatiorder.info is one of the freakiest websites I have EVER seen. Why is it black with this gold/blue pyramid? WHy is all in english/german/arabic??! Why is it written backwards?!

Please check it out, it makes you think.

- Lé Vici

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  1. They say it's all about to end... There's a president who's gone, but the fear lives on....
    -Greetings from libya! Thank you denmark for air support!

    Dont hate denmark! You are just a little girl who doesn't know what she's got till she will miss it alot!!!

    Lets fuck the world with all its trend, thank god its all about to end!

  2. Though it is not the official logo/symbol of the Illuminati Order, we created the the image above.