mandag den 13. juni 2011

Happy B-day!

Today is my bestfriend's 16 year old birthday. We're freaking crazy. We've known each other since we started to the same school, and we will always be friends, even although there will be good and bad times. You are there for me, and I'm there for u. I know you've written a beautiful note about me, but I just can't express this friendsship with words. You have no idea what part u took in my (beginning) life. Thanks for all the great and silly times we've shared through our (almost) 16 year old lives. Even though we've had big ups and downs, like rockin' 12's in projects and dancing everywhere, or having emo-times and crying in stadiums together, I will always remember and cherish you, Sandra, you are a strong person who knows what the hell she wants. Good luck with everything, may you accomplish all your wishes, and I hope you find your dream job, maybe a writer? And find love, luck and happiness. I will support you no matter how crazy your ideas are! I know you, and I know this is the start to something big, a wonderful journey. You are Bey, I'm GaGa. You are Turk, I'm JD. You are Murdoc, I'm 2-D. Lolz.
We have 2 keep contact - who knows, maybe you'll write a script on this weird life and I'll direct the movie ;) Happy birthday! ♥ :)

Enjoy 5 pics from various times x)

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