torsdag den 25. oktober 2012

group work

i am an "all or nothing" person and a lot of people just can't deal with that. i've seen that yesterday. i don't know if i should be sorry or feel better. it always seems like people either love me or hate me... admire me or despise me. i wish there was something between that. especially the hate i get, just because i don't like to do things the half-assed way... why is it so hard to make an effort? why should i be judged as a person on the way i work? in the end, this is for yourself, not for me. i want my work to match a certain standard, a standard which is rarely seen today... and when i fail, i kick myself for it... for days, weeks, years... so i especially don't like failing on purpose. i don't like dragging people down or being dragged down with them. i just want it to go up, and if we go down, we better damn learn from it. i reach for perfection, not lazy, repeatable, avoidable mistakes. "if something's worth doing, it's worth doing well". cheers. i just don't fancy all group work. goodnight. /rant over. vici out./

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