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Jamiroquai (blog post from 27/4/2010)

Edit: This is a blog post from a music blog which I don't update anymore. The original post was from 27/4/2010, 11:47.

Hello :D

Today I'm tell you about the amazing band Jamiroquai, which I'm even listening to right now!
It all started when I was very young, dont know maybe 8?, and my bigbrother played this funky groovy track called "canned heat", and I hated it!
At age 14 I was a the library with my friend Sandra, and quickly noticed the album "a funk oddysey" with it's bright colours and I said "Hey, this looks cool! heeey I know this guy!" and then my "flip" started.
The album was so fresh, funky, groovy and inspiring that I quickly borrowed another album. And another. And another...
And dont you get the album "dynamite" wrong! It looks really boring and crappy but the music is soooo good! The album "synkronized" is also great, but very different from the other ones. I cant choose a favourite!

The singers voice, Jay Kay, is so cool, a bit light and "high". Kinda like a very relaxed Michael Jackson, with a funky ol' twist.

I love it, and today, I am wishing for a concert with those guys. <3 div="">

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