søndag den 16. juni 2013

It's spreading!

Music playing: This lounge collection: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8EDZJel1Ig
+ What U See (Is What Get) by Britney Spears, I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift and School by Calvin Harris

Some time ago, probably a year or so, I became interested in pandemics. I watched Contagion at the cinema, Outbreak at home, played Pandemic 1 & 2 and downloaded Plague Inc app for iPhone. At lot of people think it's creepy but I find is fascinating, not because I want to kill everybody in the world, lol.
Plague Inc is awesome, yet also frightening and somewhat realistic (except the zombie thang and neurax worm, for now... I actually don't know if nanobots are real). It cost me around 7 DKK and I've still haven't gotten all the achievements yet, even though I've been playing for many many many months and it has made me happy and pissed me off several times.
Wiki: "It was #1 paid app for both iPhone and iPad in the U.S. for two weeks after launch [13]IGN said that "Killing billions has never been so fun".[14] Toucharcade said that "Plague Inc. will snag your attention in all the right ways and keep it there"[15] In December 2012,Plague Inc. was one of five games nominated for Best Strategy Game in IGN's Game of the Year 2012, both for mobile and for all platforms."

Right now I've gotten 36/53 achievements and I'm missing:
Russian Nuclear Retaliation
Chinese Nuclear Retaliation
Is it a bird?
Use your head
Not Another Zombie Game
Who Needs DEET
Non Starter
Dead End
Big Bang
Getting Colder
Revenge of Osiris
Hide And Seek
Test this!
Breathe Deep

I wanna talk about some of the other achievements too, guys:
The End Plague: fuck that's easy. if you can't do this you shouldn't have a smartphone.
All the Unlocks: harder, but fun once you win them all.
Plague In Space: actually not that hard once you think it through.
Brown Streets: lol
Oops combo: hahahaha omg
Flash Mob: what is this; thriller mob again?
Is It A Bird? Vampire Bat combo: how the fuck. i've tried with the bats and the blood. aint that a vampire bat??
Jaws: apparently something about zombies.
Not Another Zombie Game: FUCK THIS ONE. i've been trying to get this but it's IMPOSSIBLE
Revenge of Osiris: sounds fucking sweet. can't get it.
Nuclear Ret.: I will get you one day.

And the plague types:
Bacteria: it's cute
Virus: this fucker mutates all the time
Fungus: this. spreads. slowly.
Parasite: ok
Prion: very subtle and hard to cure :)
Nano-virus: no. no. NO.
Bio-weapon: OMG NO. NO. NO.
Neurax Worm: i think this is almost the easiest one. you don't have to kill people and you can control some planes. it's fun to get people to worship the worm. the worm illustrations are sweeet.
Necroa Virus: fuuuck this is a weird game. you can also win the game even when cure is 100%. the zombie illustrations are hella neat.
Immune Plague: sweet
Hidden Plague: okay
Unlimited Plague: orgasm

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