søndag den 24. januar 2010


Hey hey people! <3

Today I had to get up in the morning, and have a bath, and fix myself up to get to church. It was ok, but after it all, there was some "games" downstairs and something to eat and drink, so we went downstairs to check it out.
So much food! And soooo many philiphines(?). Later we went outside to play a game.... That was just annoying, and cold. I should have brought a WARM hat, not my mary-poppins-style hat. There I learned a lesson. All right, karma.

I will post the song we made about "Father Benny" AKA "Patter Benny" here:
"Fader Benny er en rigtig rar mand,
Han kommer fra Indien, hans land,
Med Tony han gir' de fattige et hjem,
For de fattige skal vi ikke glem'."

In english:
"Father Benny is a really nice man,
He comes from India, his land,
With Tony he gives the poor a home,
Because we can't forget about the poor."

Hm, I am kinda tired right know and I HAVE to make my homework, but what I really want to is rather laying in my bed sewing a dress for my tree-doll. Yeah, I'm weird. So on, I wish you a happy night, and may y'all find out who you really are, and help others discover themselves too. Or help the aliens. WATHÆVER.

Bonne Nuit, Baybeh!

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