lørdag den 23. januar 2010

My First Blog!

This is the first time I've ever made a blog, and that's just freaking amazing. Wow, know, my life is soooo much better because I can now sit all day and write about my boring life thinking that someone will sit and read this and become my ever-lasting fan.
Just kidding! ;)
Well, I'm writing here right now because I wanted to make a blog just in CASE I got something I wanted to share with the world. Just like a youtube, only with text and pictures. Or like a public facebook? Hm.

Right now: I should be making LOTS of homework like french, biology, math, danish, history and sooo on. Haha, my friends are laughing at me and calling me a geek and a wanna-be, but I'm just trying to do my best. Sometimes, I hate them...
I think that the new way of living is really sick. All these people I see everyday, not in my class, but those city-super-duper-designer-healthy-pretty-skinny-surplus-caffélatte drinking-clever-girls and mothers, who are perfect. Or at least trying to. But it's not their fault!
It's definitely the society!!! It's evil. Try it yourself, just look out when your sitting in a bus for example. It's pretty weird, hey, a long time ago it was popular to be fat, and that rolemodel was called Venus(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_of_Willendorf), and now, is this the rolemodel? http://gioccopublicidad.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/nolita_big1.jpg

One thing is sure:
I am not going to be a city-super-duper-designer-healthy-pretty-skinny-surplus-caffélatte drinking-clever-girl.
I am going to be me.

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