mandag den 25. januar 2010

"Work-day" and Art School

Hey :)

Today it was an totally ok day. We began spending our four first hours to listen to people telling about their job. I listened to these jobs: Doctor, nurse, auditor and inventor. I think inventor sounds pretty nice, it really "turns me on" to have an idea and to sell it and make money on it, and of course being known as the cool person who invented the item. Fancyyyy...

After school I hit the bus, and drove to my Art School, which is called "Billedskolen" in danish. That was nice(as usual!)and I was working on accesories for my Michael Jackson "costume" for shrovetide :) I'm working on a band (for the right arm) and of course a glove, and it's gonna be pampered n pimped don't worry ;)

I want my "costume" 2 look a bit like this:

What do u think? :D

I think it's smooooooth.

Bye Darling <3

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