tirsdag den 26. januar 2010

Hello people <3

Today I went to school, but tired, because I had been making my homework in my bed in the night :o
Bvaarrr I hate homework. I hate it!!! You know, if you have a LOT of dreams and things u wanna do or just breath, sleep and relax, then WHY does the school steal our chance?! Wtf?! Like me right know, I want to have a cool photoshoot, I want to make some songs, I want to sleep and eat chocolate, I want to see the world but I can't. Sad, saddier, and freaking saddiest.

Yay! We got to go out of school one hour earlier :) I went to McDonalds for a "happy tuesday" meal, and around i 5-6 shops, looking for a PLAIN WHITE glove for my costume. And nobody even knows what the hell that is....

Well bye 4 now, Im gonna make homework, with a *huge* headache.

- Lé Vici

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